It doesn’t have to be complicated.

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We believe that ideal insurance is insurance you don’t think about until you need it. And when you need it, it delivers. It should be that simple.

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We are agents of change.

Highstreet is a national insurance agency with 100+ partners across the continental US.

We love to help people pursue life’s opportunities with tenacity and confidence to create stronger, more resilient communities.

We do it for all our futures.

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Now, more than 100 like-minded agencies and over 2,000 employees continue to drive the strategy throughout our communities. Follow our journey in becoming the best insurance agency.


Highstreet Insurance Partners is named the Fastest Growing Top 50 Insurance Agency by the Hales Report. Highstreet completed 79 new partnerships, becoming the year’s third most active acquirer. The geographical footprint expands to 24 states and the Central Region is formed upon the completion of the Grand Island, Nebraska-based Gary Thompson Agency partnership.


Highstreet completed an additional 10 partnerships, expanding the geographical footprint to six states (Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oregon & Pennsylvania).


Highstreet is named the Fastest Growing Top 100 Insurance Agency by the Hales Report. Highstreet completed an additional five partnerships, including Jenison, Michigan-based Ottawa Kent Insurance Agency.


Highstreet Insurance Partners was formed in June, partnering with their first agency in August (Peterson McGregor & Associates in Traverse City, Michigan) and second in November (The DJB Group in Meadville, Pennsylvania).

Executive Leadership

Scott M. Wick
Scott M. Wick

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Scott founded Highstreet in June of 2018 with a vision to help create stronger and more resilient communities.

Prior to forming Highstreet, Scott was the President of The Fedeli Group in Cleveland, Ohio. Previously, he was the Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer of Hub International Midwest in Chicago, Illinois.

Scott is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has an M.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.

Scott W. Goodreau
Scott W. Goodreau

President & Chief Operations Officer

Scott joined Highstreet in 2020 with a drive to improve the client experience. Scott leads all operational teams, including regional and business segment leadership.

Prior to joining Highstreet, Scott was the Chief Operating Officer in the US for SCM Insurance Services and had also served as the Chief Sales Officer at Hub International in Chicago, Illinois.

He is a graduate of Boston College, has an M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

James Hutchinson
James Hutchinson

Chief Marketing Officer & President, Northeast Region

James joined Highstreet in 2022 with a passion for executing on innovative growth and retention strategies. James leads all market relationships and insurance marketing strategies. He is also the President of the Northeast Region.

Prior to joining to Highstreet, James was the Chief Marketing Officer & President of Commercial Lines at Hub International Northeast in New York. Previously, he also worked for Navigators Group.

James is a graduate of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Emma Riza
Emma Riza

Chief Development Officer

Emma joined Highstreet in 2021 with a vision to build the best partner agency experience. She leads all agency due diligence, integration and agency partner strategy functions.

Prior to joining Highstreet, Emma was Vice President of Strategy Consulting and Corporate Development at CNA Insurance Company in Chicago, Illinois and London. She also had served as Vice President of M&A at AON Benfield Securities.

Emma is graduate of Kings College London with a BSc in Mathematics.

Robert Sajdak
Robert Sajdak

Chief Legal Officer

Robert joined Highstreet in 2022 with a focus on how agencies can grow to support and protect their clients. Robert leads all legal, regulatory and compliance matters at Highstreet.

Prior, Robert was Vice President & Assistant General Counsel at Hub International.

Robert is a graduate of Illinois State University and has a J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Kevin R. Smith
Kevin R. Smith

Chief Information Officer

Kevin joined Highstreet in 2021 with a drive to deliver technology and data driven solutions that enable both clients and agencies to see possible. Kevin is responsible for the overall technology strategy; including data, analytics and more.

Prior to joining Highstreet, Kevin was a Managing Director at Arete Advisors. Previously, he was the Chief Information Officer at Acrisure.

Kevin is a graduate of Western Michigan University.

David J. Tuit, CPA
David J. Tuit, CPA

Executive Vice President &
Chief Financial Officer

Dave joined Highstreet in 2019 with a passion to develop an organization that supports and attracts the best insurance agencies and talent. Dave is responsible for finance, capital management and shareholder relations.

Prior to joining Highstreet, David was the Chief Financial Officer at Acrisure. Previously, he was a Director at Amway.

David is a graduate of Calvin University and has also participated in Executive Leadership through Thunderbird School of Management.

Angela Williams
Angela Williams

Chief Brand & Communications Officer

Angela joined Highstreet in 2021 with a vision to deliver a delightful client experience with a digital first strategy. Angela is responsible for the corporate brand, communications and go-to-market strategies.

Prior to joining Highstreet, Angela was the Chief Marketing Officer at Donnelley Financial Solutions. Previously, she was the Chief Marketing Officer at Hub International in Chicago, Illinois.

Angela is graduate of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Regional Leadership

Krae Dutoit
Krae Dutoit

President, Central Region

Krae joined Highstreet in 2021 with a passion for finding and integrating great growth agencies and helping them continue to grow. Krae leads our Central Region and is responsible for growth and development.

In addition, Krae is the Agency President of GTA Insurance Group in Grand Island, Nebraska. He has spent 14 years with GTA.

Krae is a graduate of Hastings College.

Michael Haverdink
Michael Haverdink

President, Great Lakes Region

Mike joined Highstreet in 2019 with a vision to improve the insurance industry’s stature as a trusted advisor. Mike leads our Great Lakes Region where he is actively engaged in helping drive inorganic and organic growth opportunities.

Mike is also the Agency President at Ottawa Kent Insurance where he has operated a successful agency for over 30 years.

Mike is a graduate of Hope College.

Karl Sherrill
Karl Sherrill

President, Southeast Region

Karl joined Highstreet in 2021 with a passion to enable others to find the best possible version of themselves and to lead conversations that empower organizations to achieve their true potential.

Karl is also the Agency President at First Security Company in Hickory, North Carolina. Prior to Highstreet, Karl was a Vice President with Marsh & McLennan Agency and led their National Manufacturing Industry Practice.

Karl is a graduate of North Carolina State University and also earned an M.B.A from Elon University.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A journey of growth and opportunity

As one of the fastest growing insurance agencies in the US, we’re on the lookout for established agencies that align with our values, culture, and business strategies to join the Highstreet brand.

With Highstreet, you don’t have to invest in any new staff or technology. You can tap into our vast resources, carriers, and partners to create the ideal insurance for all your clients.

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