Health and wellness benefits to help your employees be at their best.


Whether you are part of an entrepreneurial start-up, a growing company, a large enterprise, a not-for-profit or a public sector organization, offering attractive employee benefits is more important than ever.

If you are considering new employee benefits policies or want to know if you’re getting the best coverage and value from your current plan, we can help you find the right health and wellness policies for medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs, life, disability, mental health, wellness, and voluntary benefits for your business or organization.


Attracting and retaining top talent is getting more challenging.

In an increasingly turbulent labor market, employers are focusing on what is most valued by current and prospective employees.


of employees give health, dental, and vision insurance benefits consideration before accepting a new role.

Source: US Chamber of Commerce (2022)

Less than


of employees reported they are satisfied with the total benefits package provided by their employer.

Source: Pew Research (2023)


of companies plan to enhance employee medical health benefits over the next two years.

Source: CNBC (2023)

Find a benefits plan that supports the unique needs of your team

Highstreet’s employee benefits specialists understand the unique needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. As one of the fastest-growing national insurance agencies with more than 2,300 employees at more than 150 local agencies in hundreds of communities, we bring you a wealth of knowledge about benefits that apply to your workforce:

Whether you are part of an entrepreneurial start-up, a growing company, a large enterprise, a not-for-profit or a public sector organization, Highstreet can help.

Entrepreneurs and smaller

If you’re a new company – or an established one — with fewer than 50 employees, we can help you create a more competitive benefits solution.

Medium-and larger-sized

If your workforce has (or soon will have) 50 or more employees, we can help you find the right ACA-compliant health and other benefits for your workforce.

Larger enterprises

If you have a larger company, including if you operate in multiple locations, we provide consulting and other services to help you improve the compliance, effectiveness and affordability of comprehensive employee health and other benefits, including those operating in multiple jurisdictions.

nonprofit organizations
Nonprofit organizations

Find out how health and other benefit packages can add value to employee compensation for tax-exempt charities or other public service organizations of any size.

Public sector organizations

Talk to our experts about health and other benefits tailored for national, state and municipal departments and agencies.