Vision Care Insurance

Your employees see the benefits of quality vision care. And so will you.

Vision Insurance Policies

Because eye exams can detect early signs of vision loss or even hidden medical problems like diabetes, all employees can benefit from preventive vision care.

We can show you how quality vision care coverage, as part of your employee health and wellness benefits package, will help attract and retain employees.

Vision Insurance Policies

Protecting employee vision helps them be healthy and productive.

Vision benefits aren’t just valued, they can be life-saving. Eye exams can detect hidden medical problems, as well as prevent debilitating issues like headaches caused by eye strain.

of employees

said they would be more likely to stay with an employer that offered high-quality vision benefits.

* Washington Technology Industry Association (2022)

21 million

are estimated to be suffering from vision problems.

** CDC (2022)

$35.5 billion
in indirect costs

is lost each year due to absenteeism, lost household production, reduced labor participation, and informal care needs caused by vision loss.

*** American Academy of Ophthalmology (2021)

We’ll show you how to include vision care in your benefits plan.

Vision care can be a part of several types of employee health insurance plans for employees or their families:

PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) plans

PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) plans provide coverage to participants through a network of select health care providers. Using out-of-network specialists may increase coinsurance rates, deductibles or non-discounted charges.

Vision Discount Plans

Vision Discount Plans allow participants to maintain eye health at an affordable rate. by paying a monthly or yearly membership to reduce fees from participating providers each time certain products and services.

Indemnity plans

Indemnity plans lets recipients choose a provider with the insurance provider paying for some or all of their vision care.

Employee vision care benefits can cover:

  • Routine eye exams
  • Prescription eyewear and contact lenses
  • Discounted rates on elective vision correction surgery

Frequently asked questions about employee vision care insurance.

Vision insurance for adult employees is not considered an “essential health benefit” under The Affordable Care Act (ACA). Even when not required, most large companies choose to offer vision benefits as part of their employee health plans. Your Highstreet agent can help you understand how ACA applies to your organization and will show you the best options that work for you and your budget.

Vision care is not usually mandatory coverage. However, it is both highly valued by employees and understood by many employers as a way to support employee health and productivity, especially among industries where excessive screen time leads to chronic eye strain. Talk to a Highstreet agent to find out how you can make vision care an essential part of your employee benefits offering.