Dental Insurance

Dental coverage to keep your employees smiling.

Dental Insurance Policies

A good dental plan can help your employees and their families maintain good oral health, which contributes to better overall health. Your Highstreet agent can help you find a high-quality dental plan as an essential part of your employee health and wellness.

Dental Insurance Policies

Dental benefits are highly sought after and valued by employees.

Your employees and their dependents may not look forward to seeing a dentist, but they will appreciate your commitment to their oral — and overall— health.

164 million
work hours

are lost by working adults each year due to oral health problems.

* National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report (2022)

More than 60
adverse health conditions

have gum disease as a risk factor, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease.

** NIDCR (2022)

An 18-point

has been found in overall customer satisfaction with dental plans from 2022-2023.

*** JD Power (2023)

Find the best type of dental plan for your organization.

There are several types of dental insurance plans available to businesses. We can help you find the one that makes the most sense for your employees and your budget.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) plans

PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) plans have contracts with a network of dentists under contract to the insurance company to deliver specific services at set fees. Non-contracted dentists may have fees either higher or lower than the plan allowance.

DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations) plans

DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance Organizations) plans pre-pay contracted dentists a set amount each month to provide your employees with dental services at zero or reduced costs.

Indemnity (or fee-for-service) plans

Indemnity (or fee-for-service) plans pre-pay contracted dentists a set amount each month to provide your employees with dental services at zero or reduced costs.

Dental benefits can cover individual and family needs for:

  • Routine exams
  • Cleanings
  • X-Rays
  • Fillings
  • Crowns, root canals, and surgical extractions
  • Dentures, dental implants, and veneers
  • Braces, clear aligners and other orthodontic treatments

Frequently asked questions about employee dental insurance.

Most large companies choose to offer dental benefits as part of their employee health plans, even when not required. Dental insurance for adult employees is not considered an “essential health benefit” under The Affordable Care Act (ACA). Your Highstreet agent can help you understand the market related to employer provide dental insurance and will show you the best options that work for you and your budget.

While not always mandatory, dental plans are often a part of employee health and wellness benefits. The types of coverage you offer and how much your business or organization contributes may differ based on your industry, your people and your budget. Talk to a Highstreet agent to find out how you can make dental benefits a valuable part of your employee offering.