Business Financial Planning

Help your employees enjoy a brighter future.


You count on your employees to help your business thrive. They also count on you to help them plan for their quality-of-life when they retire. Together, we can develop a plan that works for everyone.


Looking after your company’s future starts with your people.

Retirement, savings, and other financial benefits help attract and retain your top talent.

of businesses

believe that their executive benefits have helped to retain top talent.

* NFP Executive Trends Survey (2023)

of employees

in the workforce participate in retirement benefits when offered access to them.

** US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2023)

of employers

offering a retirement plan say they are considering going to market for better retirement administration services.

*** CNBC (2022)

Your local Highstreet financial advisor can help you find the optimal:


Retirement planning, such as defined benefit plans or defined contribution plans for covering employees’ financial needs after retirement.


Retirement administration helps ensure that pension and other plans are well-managed and comply with any relevant regulations.


Executive benefits are designed to help you bring in and keep the best business leaders.


Business concierge services provide an integrated solution to optimize your business financial performance.

Your local Highstreet advisor can help you plan with a wide range of services:

  • Retirement Planning

    • Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP)
    • Profit sharing and stock bonus plans
    • 401(k) Plans
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
    • Cash Balance Plan
  • Retirement Administration

    • Plan design services
    • Administration compliance
    • Administration software
  • Executive benefits

    • Incentives and bonuses
    • Stock options
    • Supplemental executive medical insurance
    • Financial/tax/estate planning services
    • Legal planning services
    • Supplemental executive retirement plan (SERP)
    • Tax gross-ups for taxable benefits
    • Golden parachute provisions
    • Termination provisions
    • And more

Frequently asked questions about business financial planning.

Just as with Employee Health and Wellness Benefits , competitive retirement and other employee financial benefits are an excellent way to attract and retain the best possible talent in an increasingly demanding labor market. Your local Highstreet advisor can help you design a package that will satisfy your current and prospective employees, as well as meet your business needs.

Employee pension and other retirement plans can be complex. Your business is responsible for understanding your employees’ interests, managing compliance, and protecting sensitive data. Outsourcing pension administration services can reduce the burden of internal administration and let you focus on what you do best. Your local Highstreet advisor can help you find the retirement administration solution that’s best for your unique business needs.

Executive compensation includes a variety of perks and benefits, tailored to the type of leaders you want to hire and keep, and what their expectations are. Executives often receive additional incentives, such as special retirement plans, deferred compensation, extra insurance, financial and legal counseling, and more. Your local Highstreet advisor will learn all about your business and help you design an executive package that will help you find and keep the best people to help your business succeed and grow.

Your concierge brings outside experts and vendors such as bookkeeping services, estate attorneys, investment bankers and more to help manage and grow your business through every entrepreneurial life cycle. Through regular meetings with your financial concierge, you will discuss findings, evolve models, and lay out a clear path forward to achieve your business strategy and goals.