Voluntary Benefits

Give your employees options to protect what means most to them.

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In your diverse and multigenerational workplace, individuals can have different priorities when it comes to their benefits.
When you offer a customized suite of voluntary benefits, each employee can build a benefits package that meets their individual coverage needs with optional products or services.

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Benefits beyond the basics.

Voluntary benefits can include popular such as Life, Disability, Accident and Critical Illness, as well as more novel benefits to cover family and household concerns.

of employers

said they need to offer a variety of benefit options to meet the expectations of different generations.

* LIMRA (2023)

of Gen Z employees

said they value being able to choose their benefits.

** PeopleKeep (2023)

of Gen Z and Millennials

(ages 18 - 41) prioritize having pet insurance available as a benefit.

*** Forbes (2023)

Voluntary benefits are as diverse as your employees

We can show you many options, including:

Traditional voluntary benefits

Traditional voluntary benefits include additional health and wellness coverage that you offer to your employees as an option.

Non-traditional benefits

Non-traditional benefits are additional types of coverage offered through your benefits plan which are not specifically related to health and wellness.

Personal voluntary benefits

Personal voluntary benefits can include many types of optional benefits for your employees’ families and households can include child and elder care services, adoption assistance, pet insurance and more.

Voluntary benefits can cover:

  • Non-Traditional

    • Home insurance
    • Mortgage protection
    • Home security
    • Identity theft
    • Financial planning
    • Legal services
    • And more
  • Other

    • Childcare
    • Eldercare
    • Adoption assistance
    • Pet insurance
    • And more

Frequently asked questions about employee voluntary benefits.

Technically, a “voluntary benefit” is any insurance benefit you offer to your employees as optional coverage. Depending on the size and location of your organization, these can include traditional health and wellness benefits, as well as a range of extended coverage that can be bundled with their employee benefits packages. With so many options available, your Highstreet agent can help you find a package with extras that work for you and your team.

In a highly competitive labor market such as we have today, employee benefits are top-of-mind for both your current workforce and potential job-seekers. Some important factors to consider are the age range of your employees, what’s offered by competitors within your industry, and your unique work culture. Your Highstreet agent will talk to you to understand your needs as well as your market.