Renters Insurance

Protect yourself, when the roof over your head belongs to someone else.

Renters Insurance

It’s your landlord’s responsibility to insure the house, condo or apartment you rent if there is flood, fire or damage to the building. You need to take care of what concerns you, such as your personal property and liability risks as a tenant. We can help.

Renters Insurance

Insurance that gives you peace of mind as a renter.

Tell us your needs and we’ll recommend options to ensure that you and your interests are protected. For example, we can provide:

Theft and replacement cost coverage

Theft and replacement cost coverage if your personal property is stolen and to protect you against appreciation in the value of lost items.

Personal liability coverage

Personal liability coverage in case an accident occurs, or you’re accused of causing damage to someone else’s property.

Optional coverage for valuables

Optional coverage for valuables such as art, collectibles, jewelry or other items if they are lost, damaged or stolen.