Umbrella Insurance

Be sure you’re covered for the added risks in your life.

Umbrella Insurance

There might be things you own or do that are not covered by your home or other insurance. A swimming pool, backyard trampoline or even commenting on social media increases your legal exposure. Let’s be certain that all you’ve worked for isn’t at risk.

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Umbrella Insurance

Insurance that protects your financial security

A personal umbrella policy can spare you from potentially ruinous legal and other costs, including when:


Something happens on your property that results in a serious injury or death, for which you are held liable.

Motos vehicle accident

You’re in a motor vehicle accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver at fault, and you are forced to sue for compensation.

Accused of libel or slander

You’re accused of libel, slander or other negligent actions, even in remarks expressed via online platforms.