Umbrella Insurance

Be sure you’re covered for the added risks in your life.

Umbrella Insurance

There might be things you own or do that are not covered by your home or other insurance. A swimming pool, backyard trampoline, or even commenting on social media increases your legal exposure. Let’s be certain that all you’ve worked for isn’t at risk.

Umbrella Insurance

Your home or vehicle policy may not cover
you for unexpected liability. 

Invest in an umbrella policy to make sure you’re not caught off-guard.


of homeowners don’t know what liability is covered by their homeowners’ Insurance. *

* Forbes, 2023

$100,000 to $500,000

in personal liability is all that some homeowners’ insurance policies cover. **

** Bankrate, 2023


of personal injury liability settlements and court-ordered awards are $1 Million or more ***

*** Money Geek, 2022

Insurance that protects your financial security.

Even with the best intentions, you could be at risk of a personal liability lawsuit. Umbrella insurance covers the additional payout beyond the limitations in your existing policies, such as:

Umbrella Insurance Home

Something happens on your property that results in a serious injury or death, for which you are held liable.

Umbrella Insurance Car

You’re in a motor vehicle accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver at fault, and you are forced to sue for compensation.

Umbrella Insurance Accusations

You’re accused of libel, slander or other negligent actions, even in remarks expressed via online platforms.

Coverage options include:

  • $1 Million basic umbrella coverage
  • $2+ Million for public figures or
    families of high net worth

Frequently asked questions about a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy.

Anyone at risk of a lawsuit in excess of their regular home or vehicle coverage can benefit from the additional coverage. This includes:

  • High-income families, or those with considerable assets
  • Homeowners with higher-risk liabilities including swimming pools and trampolines
  • Owners of dogs, or other animals that could cause an injury
  • Households with teenagers or youth who may engage in risky activity
  • Volunteers at small or informal organizations
  • Landlords providing residential rentals

Umbrella insurance extends the coverage of your standard home, vehicle, and other related policies, but it does not replace them.

For example: If you are found liable in a road accident, your automotive coverage will pay for a certain amount of liability. But if you are sued for extensive damages and injuries that are more than your car policy will cover, your umbrella policy will pay the extra costs (up to a limit), including legal, medical, and other bills.

That could even make the difference between personal solvency and bankruptcy.

Many personal umbrella insurance policies pay up to $1 million or more in additional coverage. And because they are an add-on to existing policies, they can cost as little as $100-$300 per year.

Personal umbrella insurance only covers your household’s liability for incidents not related to work activities. It also excludes:

  • Damage done by you (or a household member) to your own home, vehicles, or valuables
  • Intentional or criminal injury or damage to people or property
  • Risk you agreed to under a signed contract