Auto Insurance

Coverage that protects you, whatever road you choose.

Auto Insurance

Drive easy with the knowledge that you’re covered if your vehicle is damaged, stranded, or stolen along the way.

Auto Insurance

Protect yourself and your ride.

The right insurance coverage lets you keep your mind on the road, protecting you from financial loss due to damage or liabilities in a traffic accident.

243.4 million licensed drivers share the roads with you in the United States. And that includes a lot of bad drivers!1

1Hedges Company

+30 million of them are uninsuredeven though liability coverage is a legal requirement, putting you at risk of not being covered if they are at fault.2

2Insurance Research Council

Find the best policy for your vehicle and you.

Talk to us about a plan that protects you from your driveway to the highway, with a variety of options available to meet your personal needs, such as:

Personal liability coverage

Personal liability coverage if an accident causes injury or damage to someone’s property.

Deductibles, replacement

Deductibles, replacement cost options and agreed value coverage for your vehicle.

Electronic equipment

Electronic equipment, glass, and other coverage, such as towing and roadside assistance.

Coverage options include:

  • Uninsured Motorist Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Total Loss Deductible Waiver

Frequently asked questions about a personal auto insurance policy.

Most states require a vehicle owner to have an insurance policy that covers bodily injury liability as well as property damage liability. Bodily injury liability covers costs for injuries or death that you, or another driver, cause while driving. Property damage liability pays for damage that you, or another person at the wheel of your vehicle, cause to another vehicle, or property such as a building. Many states also require medical payments or personal injury protection (PIP) to cover medical expenses for you or your passengers if you are injured in a crash.

Your auto policy will cover you and other family members on your policy, whether driving your car or someone else’s car. Your policy also provides coverage for someone who is not on your policy when they drive your vehicle with your consent.

Your personal auto policy only covers personal driving, which includes commuting to work, running errands or taking a trip. It won’t provide coverage if you use your car for commercial purposes, like making deliveries of food or other items for a business, or providing transportation through a ride-sharing service.

According to Forbes, the national average cost for personal auto insurance is $1,601 annually for full coverage and $513 for state minimum coverage. Costs vary from state-to-state. Densely populated states can have higher average than rural states with fewer drivers. Factors include the number of claims in your area, how much they cost, and if your region has weather that creates dangerous driving conditions.