Captives & Alternative Risk

Take control of your insurance & create new opportunities for your business.

Captives and Alternative Risk

An increasingly popular option for many businesses is to form their own captive insurance company to cover risks with policies tailored to meet their needs. That way, premiums are transferred to the captive rather than a third-party carrier for use in paying claims, covering large deductibles or earning income. We can guide you through the process.

Captives and Alternative Risk

Insure your business your way.

You know your business better than anyone. If using a captive instead of — or combined with — traditional insurance makes sense for your needs, this alternative risk strategy can help you:

Captives reduce insurance costs

Reduce insurance costs or develop affordable coverage for hard-to-insure or emerging risks.

captives provide financial incentives

Provide financial incentives for loss control & other risk management practices.

captives develop new revenue streams

Develop new revenue streams by offering insurance products to customers or suppliers.