Personal Financial Planning

We’ll help you take care of your hard-earned assets


You work hard to earn and save for the future. Your local Highstreet advisor can provide advice and guidance about smart ways to manage your money — for yourself and for your family.


It’s never too late — or too early — to update your financial plan.

Keeping up with inflation and taxes is a challenge in every stage of life. We can help you be ready with comprehensive financial advice.

1 in 4

say inflation has caused them to see a greater need for estate planning.

* (2023)

of people surveyed

say they feel they’re behind on saving for retirement.

** (2023)

in college expenses

is what the average family wants to save for each child.


We can help you find the right type of coverage for your unique business needs


Wealth management helps you find the products and services you need to manage your assets, including a strategy plan for the current and future needs of both you and your family.


Education planning protects your family from potentially high student debt with education savings plans and prepaid tuition plans.


Retirement planning allows you to secure an income to enjoy life in your retirement years.


Estate planning protects family assets when they pass to your beneficiaries.

Your local Highstreet advisor can help you plan with a wide range of services:

  • Wealth management

    • mutual funds
    • equities
    • fixed income securities
    • exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Education

    • 529 Plans for savings
    • prepaid tuition
  • Retirement

    • Annuities
    • IRA plans
    • 401(k) plans
    • guaranteed income annuities (GIAs)
    • Federal Thrift Savings Plan
    • cash-value life insurance
    • and more
  • Estate

    • life insurance
    • trusts
    • tax planning
    • and more

Frequently asked questions about Personal Financial Planning.

You don’t need to be wealthy to seek advice. Many people benefit from help finding ways to manage their debt, develop a smart investment strategy, and plan for future needs and events such as launching a business, starting a family, planning retirement or making a major purchase such as a home or vacation property. Your local Highstreet advisor can help you determine your needs and direct you to services and products that will strengthen your financial plan.

A tax-advantage plan, called a 529 plan, can help pay for educational expenses from kindergarten through graduate school. They include educational savings plans and prepaid tuition plans. And a certain amount of leftover funds may be able to be rolled over into a Roth IRA account. Rules and fees of 529 plans differ by state. Your local Highstreet advisor can help you understand your options and how they apply to your unique situation.

If you don’t already have a retirement plan, the best time to start is now. Whether or not you have a pension, starting your retirement savings plans, and investments as soon as possible means they have more time to potentially grow. Your local Highstreet advisor will take the time to understand your personal financial situation, including family needs and your hopes and plans for the future.

There are many strategies available to help protect your heirs from high taxes, such as insurance policies, trusts, and more. Your local Highstreet advisor will take the time to get to know your wishes for your family, and help develop strategies to achieve your goals.